Israeli Eats: The Best Restaurants and Food in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

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When one thinks of Israel, amazing food generally comes to mind. The country offers a unique mixture of Israeli, Jewish, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cuisine. Even if you’re already a fan of hummus and falafel, your taste buds are in for a treat if you get a chance to taste the local food. The variety is plentiful, and the healthy …

Israeli Eye Candy: Traditional Cuisine & Lessons From a Local Chef

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Tel Aviv and Israel in general are known for their cuisine. People crave it, others rave about it, and I can now understand why. One of the most common dishes to start the day is shakshuka (pronounced shackshookah). This breakfast dish is a combination of tomatoes and spices, simmered into a stew, served with eggs cooked right into the savory sauce. …

The Best of Boulder, Colorado: A Travel Guide For the Books (As seen in Hippie in Heels)

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Be sure to check out the latest article featured in Hippie in Heels, renowned travel blogger. Her site provides information and travel tips on many destinations worldwide! You can view the article below. Enjoy! The Best of Boulder, Colorado: A Travel Guide For the Books -Stephanie Krubsack  

Fantastic Fruits of Southeast Asia: A Picture Guide for Travelers

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One of the most fun and interesting things about traveling is trying all of the local food. Even if some items are available at your local Asian food store, the freshness and taste is incomparable to actually experiencing those fruits and vegetables in the country of origination. There are also many different varieties of the same fruit. As an example, the …

Pintxos & Pours: A Taste & Travel Guide To Basque Country

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Soon you’ll be saying, “More pintxos please!” What are pintxos by the way? Pronounced “pinchos” this Spanish appetizer is specific to the Basque region of northern Spain. The name is derived from a Spanish word that means spike, where the appetizer is usually held together by a toothpick or skewer. Pintxos come in all forms from raw fish to marinated …

Marrakech Maze: Travel Tips & Culinary Culture

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Morocco is not what you’d expect, nor what you’d imagine. The roads of the medina may be a maze, but it’s guaranteed you’ll get lost in more ways than one. This place is a shock to the senses, similar to none. Marrakech invites you to get lost in the melodic music of Berber tradition, the hum of the hectic medina, …

Swift Spring: Armed With Whips, Shots & Sips

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Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. To help ease the transition from winter to spring and promote good health, one particular Czech tradition involving a swift whip is quite silly yet subordinate to none. The intent is harmless and the effect is allegedly healthful. The Czech tradition of the pomlázka is a pagan practice that involves the …

New Year Healthy Cheer

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Start out your New Year’s Eve celebration right with a healthier drink and appetizer option. Give the recipes below a try that are vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and only use natural sugars! New Year Libation: Mulled Wine Bubbly 1 bottle white wine blend (Seven Daughters Crisp White) 1 small handful cranberries sliced in half 2 cinnamon sticks 1 tbsp agave syrup 5 cloves …