Inevitable Adventure: Thoughts On Travel

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What am I doing, have I gone mad? Is travel my mission for an adventure I’ve personally manifested, to experience more than I currently see? Will the opportunity arise to have the influence to share culture and travel with those willing to read and follow? One must be open to everything and closed off to nothing when embarking on such an escapade.

Travel begins as a desire to see and experience more than the typical day-to-day provides. The thought of what’s to come and what to see has the ability to immerse one in a wave of wonder. It’s not easy to begin, nor difficult to stay, but it’s amazing how quickly life changes take effect. Initially this lifestyle leaves to the imagination past pieces of a game, one gambit too grand to grasp a reconciliation between what you see and what you imagined. In the nomadic world all bets are off, no plan is definite, and any possibility is present. Every moment and decision threatens the security of your adolescent self, a childhood memory, strong and sacred, more so than any sacramental pilgrimage imposed upon the impressionable. It’s a comfort, a place of safety devoid of any soulful sacrilege to anything else but your true path. No matter how many beautiful sites you see, you will always remember how you felt in that place, with those faces of friends and family, old and new. You can revisit a sight years later and it appears almost new, yet the feeling remains unchanged.

The decision to pursue this path was easy, the process is challenging. Personal pep talks and support from family and friends counteracts the uneasiness of quitting a stable job in exchange for an unknown journey with a definitive goal. If the above provided any inspiration to evaluate your present and visualize your future, in the very least please explore those thoughts thoroughly. Please comment or send a message sharing your story and follow along for travel tips and an exploration of food and culture!

-Stephanie Krubsack

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