How To Become An Expert Gift-Giver: The Gifts You Didn’t Know You Needed

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1. Understand Your Constituents

First off, be sure to listen to your family and friends. Truly hear their words and don’t ignore subtle hints for the sake of ridiculously long return lines after the holiday season. If Jimmy says he doesn’t want any more stuff, take note and don’t show up with a tacky tie or a primeval paperweight. If Sally says just having you home for the holidays is enough, don’t waste sniffs on finding the perfect smelling lotion or candle that that might be less than appealing to her senses. If your mom has never worn a piece of jewelry you’ve purchased for her, just admit you’re not buying for her sense of fashion. Instead, purchase something mindful, healthy, or an item he or she can actually use! If possible, go one step further and gift something that encourages your loved one to pursue goals and life dreams. As an example, my brother was tossing around an idea for starting a new company, so I purchased the domain to encouraged him to get started on that endeavor. If you have that desire, use GoDaddy for purchasing domains or website hosting.

2. Refrain From Buying Something For The Sake Of Buying Something

Society is shifting more towards minimalism. From personal experience I’ve become an expert, downsizing from a house, to an assortment of apartments, and even smaller to the size of an acclaimed shoebox. Gone are the days of Downton Abbey mansions, and today are the times of tiny houses and minimalist living. Less stuff provides clarity and organization, because we all know that we continue to reach for our favorite items while the others collect dust and pile up on counters and shelves.

3. Promote A Healthy Lifestyle

Urge your crew to become healthier and introduce them to some of your favorite personal care items. One idea is to put together a gift basket of useful items such as body care products or favorite foods. Here are some health-conscious favorite brands. Shop Here

4. Introduce Gifts They Didn’t Know They Needed

Another great idea is to purchase an experience such as a show, dinner, or plan a day trip. Some specific ideas could be snowshoeing, organizing an Escape Room outing, or even gifting a 23andme DNA test where spitting into a test tube has never been so trendy. The kit even comes with free gift-wrapping, and you can have the benefit of connecting with long lost relatives by early 2017! Touch of Modern is another go-to site full of tech items and lifestyle gadgets. The TrendlyApp is a great resource for up and coming brands and products. While reading their online Trendly Magazine, I found the company Love Travel Co that has the coolest dry bags around! These are a great gift for anyone that loves the beach, kayaking, or hiking, plus get 10% off your first order!

5. Purchase Gifts With Social Impact

Even further, what if you support the greater good AND land the perfect gift? It is always a good idea to promote small businesses, and quite possibly save the world little by little, through each thoughtful purchase. Everyone has probably heard of TOMS shoes, where for every pair purchased, they give a pair to someone in need. SoapBox is another great company that provides a bar of soap to someone in need all over the world, for each product sold. Filosophy Jewelry

is a favorite Fair Trade company that supports women artisans who create stunning jewelry in Thailand.


6. Bonus: Make Something With Your Own Two Hands!

There are many tutorials and recipes out there to create homemade art, health and beauty products, and even baked goods. Even if you’re no Betty Crocker or Bob Ross, get creative as something thoughtful and from the heart will do wonders for your relationship. P.S. a macaroni necklace doesn’t count, as that’s reserved for ages 5 and under only. If you’re pressed for ideas, gift a triple batch of one of these homemade cookie recipes. Click here for cookie recipes

Good luck to all of you last minute shoppers! Please feel free to comment if you have any great gifts ideas you’d like to share, or reach out for any shopping advice!

-Stephanie Krubsack

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