What I Learned From Turning Off My Phone for 48 hours

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Phone free for 48 hours, could you do it? Let’s step back to a time where phones were in a booth on a busy London street and later cell phones that were only used for emergencies. Just think, one actually had to plan ahead to meet up with family and friends! Today cell phones are so heavily used they are practically an extension of one’s self.

Initially contemplating the use of my phone, the idea seemed rebellious with a sense of freedom and complete control. It was an opportunity to be literally off the grid electronically and physically, traveling incognito, elusive to my exact location and actions. I actually had to use a map and information centers to reach the desired destinations. It causes you to question yourself, using street smarts, versus questioning the validity of a smart phone that can send you traveling in circles because you rely too heavily on this road atlas hopeful.

For the next area, it can be all too tempting to post travel whereabouts constantly via social media. This also causes the issue of juggling your amateur, photographer-wannabe-somewhat-nice camera with that of your cell phone. You feel obsessive about obtaining a photo on each of the same panorama, one you can post instantly and one you might want to frame someday.

As day one progressed, withdrawal began. One could call it the phone shakes. Many may not realize, but any downtime creates a natural tendency to check updates on social media, email, and the latest news. This could be due to the need to constantly be doing something, making efficient use of time or for fear of boredom. Ultimately, I was forced to pick up a book and actually enjoy the scenery instead, yet somehow that didn’t seem so bad. There are actually better alternatives to occupy your time.

Disconnecting frees up your mind for thoughts to become clearer and more defined in areas of importance, not on who has a political complaint or who appears intoxicated via social media. Social networking is a fabulous way to remain connected, but to occupy your mind with so much irrelevant activity can be taxing. I encourage you to give the suggestions below a try.

5 Things To Lessen Your Cell Phone Addiction:

  • Turn off the GPS and try to reach your destination via memory or an old-fashioned map.

  • Have a “no cell phones allowed” rule during dinner or date night with friends or significant others.

  • Resist the urge to post photos while you experience them. Live in the moment and post later when you have some down time.

  • Unless on call or for emergencies, send and respond to work emails during regular business hours, your staff and peers will appreciate it.

  • Remove cell phone communication and social media from your nighttime regimen. Instead, pick up a book or play some music.

Disconnect to reconnect with yourself, nature, and those around you.

-Stephanie Krubsack

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