Money-Saving Hacks for the Not-So-Car-Savvy

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Do you ever wonder about the ridiculously high prices you pay for auto repairs and maintenance? Sometimes it is more convenient to have an oil change performed when taking your car in for warranty service, but convenience comes at a cost. There are ways to save money that take little to no additional time.

During an oil change, have you ever been approached to replace your cabin air filter? Recently I was asked if I wanted to replace the cabin air filter for an $80 fee. The dealer sent me a photo of the dirty filter, in attempt to persuade additional business. I kindly declined, called the nearest auto supply store, and ordered the $17 air filter. A few days later they installed the air filter for me in the parking lot free of charge. I was able to save over $60 by making a simple phone call and a five minute stop at the auto supply store. Even if the store does not replace the filter for you, a simple YouTube video does the trick.

Do you pay to have your car detailed? You can do so yourself waterless, even if you live in an apartment complex without a water hookup. Just think of this product as the magic eraser for your car. My car-savvy brother highly recommends Meguiar’s kit, priced at $22.99. You simply spray the detailer solution onto a freshly washed car and use the moldable clay bar to remove any imperfections. Lastly you buff dry with a microfiber towel. Compared to the cost of detailing, just think of the money savings for this product that can be used multiple times.

A few other areas that can save money are replacing your own windshield wipers (if I can do this you can too), order auto parts online at lower costs, and find a reputable repair shop (often those scratches can be buffed out).

Be a little savvy and save some cash.

-Stephanie Krubsack

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